Al-Iman Society of Northampton
  Sunday 17th December 2017 04:04:31 AM
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    The society also has other programmes as explained hereunder:-

    ·        Training Programmes: – the society organizes different training programmes for women, youth in terms of the ethical religious and cultural subjects, business issues and other related tailor made programmes which are determined by the situation or members suggestions. These training sometimes are collaborated by other institutions local and international ones.


    ·        Religious and Cultural Research: - realize the importance of research and studies as an important tool towards sustainable development. The society intends to organise and facilitate research and study activities in collaboration with other organisations worldwide.


    ·        Consultancies and Advisories Services: - provides consultancies and advisory services to groups of young people, women, and community at large, other neighbouring communities, Non Governmental Organisations, Companies and other interested bodies in and outside Northamptonshire.

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