Al-Iman Society of Northampton
  Sunday 17th December 2017 03:59:50 AM
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    • There is a monthly contribution fee of £20.00 per student, per calendar month.
    • Contribution fees should be paid in advance at the first week of each Month.
    • Parents who have missed payments will be contacted and reminded to make all relevant payments for the first month.
    • Fees are not payable during the recognised Madrasah holiday period/s.
    • Students who missed Madrasah sessions outside recognised Madrasah Holiday periods will still be required to make relevant payments in order to keep their places.
    • Final reminders will be sent to parents for failing to pay their fees after a period of two months.
    • Failure to settle outstanding arrears for a period of consecutive three months may result in student’s suspension.
    • Excessive arrears will not be tolerated and the Madrasah reserves the right to suspend any child/ren of parents who have failed to take action after acknowledgment of being reminded about late payments.

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