AL-Iman Madrasah Waiting List

If you are interested in a place in our Madrasah, please fill the form below, and we will contact you for any further information and if a place is offered. Please read the terms and Conditions before proceeding.
Parent 1 Details
Parent 1 Details
Parent 2 Details (if none, Leave blank)
Parent 2 Details (if none, Leave blank)
Child Details 

Prior to Submitting the form, I give consent for my child to attend this Madrassa and fully participate in any activities if a place is given

I understand that the Madrassa has policies and procedures; and that there are expectations (Refer to the Website)
and obligations which my child and I agree to abide by

I give permission for a trained member of staff to seek any necessary emergency medical advice
and/or administer appropriate first aid if required. If such an event occurs, I understand that I will be
contacted immediately on the numbers provided.

I understand that all information will be kept private

Al-Iman Society of Northamptonshire

Society of Northamptonshire, Based in Northampton Mosque and Islamic Centre, 72 Clare St, NN1 3JA


Phone: 07961 284919

Registered Charity: 1117020

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