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Online Learning - Al-Iman Madrasah

As our Madrasah has closed due to Covid 19 Pandemic, Madrasah has decided to carry on lessons for our students as we believe that it is in both our interests in the progression of the student's religion education.

During any period of whole madrasah enforced closure, our teachers will continue to set work for all students which will be in line with their normal madrasah time. 

We urge you to capitalise and use this invaluable time for students to learn as we have experienced students learning progression decreasing a few years back when a lengthy Madrasah closure was necessitated by Masjid building work. We do not want to repeat the same errors again.

Therefore we expect all our students to continue learning and responding to what the teachers have set them online. 

To enable the use of these online portals, we would like to request parental consent as students will be using internet, laptops or mobile phones.

More information on how to access these online learning will be given to you later.

I Give Consent for the attendance and use of the online learning facilities provided by the Madrasah
*Your account reference number has been sent to you on the text that you have recieved
I give my child/ children permission to learn via online portals
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