Assalaam Alaykum 
We will start our Online Quran Studies on Saturday 25th for weekend and Saturday 27th for Weekdays.
The specific timings will be arranged by the teachers however:
  • Weekend students will commence online studies EVERY SAT /SUN from 10am 
  • Morning classes will start from 8am.
  • Weekdays students will commence EVERY MON / TUE from 5pm 
Any other timing arrangements and how to access the online Quran facilities, the teacher will contact you directly.
Please take the time to read the guidelines to online studies, and make sure your child understands the guidelines below. 
We look forward to teaching your child inshallah Allah.Shukran

Guidelines for Online Study

Many Muslims do not realise that studying Islam through the Internet requires a lot of self-discipline. Not only do you have to sit in front of a computer (a big distraction), online students are not accountable to anyone but themselves. 


Remember that knowledge and manners go hand in hand, and without manners, your knowledge will not take you far.


Instructions to Maximise the Online Learning Experience


  • Appropriately prepare yourself for learning

Do not sit on your bed, couch, or any unsuitable area when you are learning. Prepare yourself for the class like you would for a “live” class. Have your pencils/notebook ready, turn off your mobile phone, and go to a quiet area.

  • Make sure you look presentable.

We recommend all students to wear the uniform as if they are attending Madrasah. Although no one may be able to see you at your computer, you should still make sure look presentable – just as you are when attending Madrasah under normal conditions.

  • Respect your teacher’s time and efforts.

The student doesn’t always realise the time and effort the teacher put into preparing their lesson, but you must make sure to value the hard work that has been put into achieving this.


  • If you have a female teacher, you must wear earphones or ensure you are away from males in your household.


  • Do not record your classes without permission.

Students must have permission from their teacher regarding recording the classes, even if they are not sharing it with others.

  • Students must keep away from distractions.

The topmost distraction is lack of focus. One of the biggest challenges for online students is focusing during their lesson and not distracting themselves with chatting, browsing and reading websites.

  • Close all irrelevant tabs or websites until the class is over.

Students may feel tempted to browse the web or play games. It is, therefore, necessary to take this precaution, so that it minimises the probability of being distracted. Take notes on paper if you feel the computer will be a distraction for you.


  • Students must make sure to behave accordingly

Students must not be playing with toys or others, running from one room to another, eating during online classes, nor must they be watching TV whilst the online classes are in progress.


  • Review and implement what you have learned

It is important that you do this before your next class. Teach your family or roommates what you have learned after each session, even if it’s only one thing.

  • Have patience with what you already know.

Not everyone is on the same level of understanding as you. Teachers may repeat concepts which you are already confident with, but do not lose the motivation to focus on them.

  • Make du`a’ that Allah benefits you through your knowledge

Muslims must always turn back to Allah for the occurrences in their lives. Beneficial knowledge is always from Allah, so do not forget to ask Him for more beneficial knowledge, and to thank Him for the knowledge He has granted you.



I hope these tips will benefit you and your children In Shaa Allah Jazzakumullahu Khayran