2019/ 1440H

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Hajj Prices may vary dependant on Al-sharif Tours 


01. Flight
02. Hajj Visa
03. Hajj Drafts check
04. 5 Star Hotel in Makkah Pullman Zamzam or similar
06. Special service in Mina
07. Round Transport 
08. Hajj Seminar in the UK and throughout the Hajj tour
09. Ihram garment
10. Hajj guide booklet
11. Back pack
12. ID card 
13. Group will be accompanied by tour managers and assistants, English, Arabic, Somali, Urdu, sawahili ect

4 star Economy Package

As From 2nd to 22nd August 2019

4 Star Economy Express package

As From 5th to 20th
August 2019

5 Star Deluxe Package

As From 28th July to 20th
August 2019

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