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Our Madrasah Services has been running continuously since 2003, recognising the decades long dedication from our staff, volunteers, and students.


Funeral Support and Bereavement Scheme is a community based contributory scheme, Initiated by Al-Iman Society of Northamptonshire which follows requests from members to assist and cover funeral costs of the deceased or helping family members who are living in the same household. This service is locally based in Northamptonshire and operates strictly according to the Qur’an and the Sunnah of beloved Prophet ﷺ. The scheme was established in 2004..


The goal of this society is to educate and guide individuals in Islamic teachings through Daawah activities. We aim to support and assist one another in daily tasks and religious obligations. Additionally, we strive to raise our children with a proper Islamic upbringing, safeguard our community from challenging influences, and preserve the Swahili-speaking community's connection to their religion and culture through educational and social initiatives.


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