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Attendance Policy

  • The Madrasah takes place every Saturday and Sunday from 10.00am till 2.30pm ( Early morning shift for older students starts at 7.00am till 10.00am)

  • Parents are required to bring and collect their children on time and to hand them over to Madrasah authority.

  • Gates will be closed at 10.15 am and all students arriving after this time will be considered late. In such cases parents will be required to contact the Madrasah by Mobile phone to the dedicated contact number NOT to individual teachers or other students. Gates will only be opened if there is genuine reason for lateness. Parents will also be cautioned for all such lateness and such lateness will in turn be recorded.

  • The late arrival of students will not be tolerated without exceptional circumstances.

  • A £5.00 fine for every 10 minutes of lateness (without prior notice & consent) will be imposed on all parents failing to collect students on time.

  • The Madrasah will not be responsible for any student who attends the Madrasah without his/her parent or guardian. Authorisation forms will be signed by the parent/guardian to confirm status.

  • If a student is to be collected by someone other than his or her parent/guardian, the Madrasah requires advance notification.

  • Parents and students are required not to make any noise in and around premises when bringing or collecting students, due care should also be exercised when collecting students for their safety and proper manners followed.

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