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All Students are required to:

  • Respect all Madrasah codes of conduct and procedures.

  • Not to make any unnecessary noise or shouting in or around the premises.

  • Respect all teachers, fellow students and the Madrasah environment.

  • Follow directives and instructions from their teachers.

  • Ask for permission from concerned teacher(s) should any need arise.

  • Make sure they are inside Madrasah premises throughout Madrasah’s duration.

  • No students are to bring games consoles or any other kind of distractive devices. All Mobile phones must be switched off completely throughout the duration of the Madrasah sessions, and all contact must be directed towards the Madrasah. The Madrasah reserves the right to confiscate such devices until further notice if deemed necessary.

  • Parents must ensure that students duly revise and do their given homework at home.

  • The Madrasah will not tolerate abusive and violent behaviour from parents/guardians and or bullying of other students.


  • Parents are required to give the Madrasah as much notice as possible if student(s) will not be attending. Failure to do so, the Madrasah reserves the the right to not accept student(s).

  • A poor record of attendance may result in suspension and eventual dismissal from the Madrasah if cautions have already been issued and not been addressed by the parents/guardians.

  • Students will be dismissed from Madrasah due to long term absence of more than three weeks without due notice & consent. If they wish to return, they will be required to fill a fresh application form pending availability.

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