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As we are aware of the critical stage the coronavirus outbreak has entered and in following the government's guideline, it is deemed to be necessary to take the following necessary measures to minimise the risk of spreading the virus further. To suspend from today 20/3/20 until further notice: Jumuah prayers, Five daily prayers, all Madrasah and Monthly book of prayer classes. This has been a difficult decision for us and hope that everyone can understand the severity of the situation for us to take these extreme measures. May ALLAH the Almighty protect us all.

Our Society

The aim of this society, among others, are to educate ourselves with proper Islamic teachings and guidance through Daawah (propagation) activities,, to support and help each others in our day to day activities as well as our religious duties , to raise our children according to proper Islamic upbringing, to protect our community from the challenging atmosphere and preserving and protecting Swahili speaking community and attaching them with their religion and culture through educational programs and social activities.

Funeral Support

Funeral Support and Bereavement Scheme is a community based contributory scheme, Initiated by Al-Iman Society of Northamptonshire which follows requests from members to assist and cover funeral costs of the deceased or helping family members who are living in the same household.

This service is locally based in Northamptonshire and operates strictly according to the Qur’an and the Sunnah of beloved Prophet ﷺ. The scheme was established in 2004...



Al-Iman Society of Northamptonshire

Society of Northamptonshire, Based in Northampton Mosque and Islamic Centre, 72 Clare St, NN1 3JA

Email: info@al-iman.co.uk

Phone: 07961 284919

Registered Charity: 1117020

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