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Uniform Policy

  • Girls are required to wear black veil (Abaya, Buibui) and headscarf (hijaab) and boys’ plain Islamic dress (thobe, qamiys, jubba, kanzu) and kufi cap or similar (kofia/hat).

  • Every student is required to attend Madrasah with Mus-haf/Juzu, exercise book, pen/pencil and a file.

  • Any student not adhering to Madrasah dress code will be subject to disciplinary measures that may include immediate suspension.

  • Pupils are not allowed to bring in any properties at Madrasah rather than the one they are using for their studies like books, pens etc, and all of them must be kept in their bags. Any properties found with children not allowed will be kept with teachers, and will only be collected by their parents at the end of the class. All bags should be marked with child’s name. All lost property will be kept in the Madrasah 

  • Disciplinary measures may also be taken for failure to bring along mus-haf, juzu, books, pens, pencils etc

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