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Funeral Support Fund



It gives me immense gratitude in writing this foreword for Funeral Support Fund.

When our few community members moved into Northampton in the late nineties, we may be able to recall so many difficulties we have encountered during the difficult time of funerals and bereavement.


We faced our first serious case of still born death in 2001. It was difficult experience as we did not know what needs to be done, where to go, whom to contact. And when one of our adult community member passed away in 2002, the overwhelming costs of funeral stroked us and caught us by surprise it was then a wakeup call for our community that something needs to be done.


In November 2003, a meeting was convened to discuss the idea and agreed by the overwhelming majority that this service is needed within our community.


 Al-Iman Society Bereavement Fund was established in 2004.


This was a unique milestone in the history of Al-Iman Society and a legacy that, we believe, we will leave to our next generation to remember what we have been able to establish for ourselves and our next generation bi idhni Llaah.


The Bereavement Fund, now known as Funeral Support Fund, has gone from strength to strength, thanks for the dedicated work of volunteers who worked tirelessly and effortlessly and May Allaah Subhaanahu wata’ala rewards them for their committed efforts towards this noble cause.


Since its inception, the Funeral Support Fund has taken great strides in easing some of the difficulties Muslim community experience at the time of death.


Among the positive achievements of the Funeral Support Fund is the establishment of Al-Iman Funeral Services in 2009. We also managed to work very closely with Northampton Borough Council to enable bury our dead without a coffin Alhamdulillaah. We are also pushing for weekend burials which are under consideration.


But our long term plan and objective is to secure a plot for Muslim Cemetery with the tawfeeq from Allaah Subhaanahu wata’ala this will be possible bi idhni Llaah.


I supplicate in thanking Allaah Subhaanahu wata’ala for all that has been granted to us and our little efforts be accepted as part of our hasanaat (good deeds) and may Allaah grant us the courage to strive in the cause of Islam. Amin


Abu Ammaar, Yasin Ali

Chairman Al – Iman Society of Northamptonshire

Abu Hurayrah (Radhiya Allaahu `Anhu) narrated I heard the Prophet of Allaah (Swalla’Allaahu alayhi wa Sallam) saying “The rights of the Muslim on the Muslims are to follow the funeral processions, to accept invitation and to reply the sneezer” (Sahih Al- Bukhaary, 023: 332)

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