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Our Aims

  • To educate and teach Muslim children the holy Qur’aan and other Islaamic religious studies.

  • To provide correct and better supplement education for our children.

  • To familiarise students with Islaamic beliefs, conduct, and an Islaamic way of life.

  • To acquaint students with the traditions and the life of Prophet Muhammad (Swalla Llaahu ‘Alayhi Wasallam) and his companions.

  • To assist students in understanding and evaluating other religious beliefs and be able to communicate effectively and accordingly.

  • To provide students with an Islamic environment where they can receive education within an Islamic setting.

  • To prepare children (when coming of age) to be aware of their duties and responsibilities in Islaam and their future roles in this multicultural society in general and Muslim society in particular.

  • To provide Muslim children with an opportunity to meet and know each other and thereby strengthen bonds with their Muslim brothers and sisters.

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