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About our society

Other Programmes

The society also has other programmes that we have to offer, which is explained hereunder:

The society organises different training programmes for women, youth, business issues and other related tailor made programmes which are determined by the situation or members suggestions, often collaborated by other institutions local and international ones.

We realize the importance of research and studies as an important tool towards sustainable development. The society intends to organise and facilitate research and study activities in collaboration with other organisations worldwide.

We provide consultancies and advisory services to groups of young people, women, and community at large, other neighbouring communities, Non Governmental Organisations, Companies and other interested bodies in and outside Northamptonshire.

About us

Al-Iman Society of Northamptonshire is a society established by Swahili speaking Muslims from Eastern part of Africa currently residing in this county of the United Kingdom. The Society was established in 2001 and attained a charitable status in November 2006.

The aim of this society, among others, are to educate ourselves with proper Islamic teachings and guidance through Daawah (propagation) activities,, to support and help each others in our day to day activities as well as our religious duties , to raise our children according to proper Islamic upbringing, to protect our community from the challenging atmosphere and preserving and protecting Swahili speaking community and attaching them with their religion and culture through educational programs and social activities.

We aim to to educate, support and to raise awareness to the community, and to create a better social networks between the people through educational programs and social activities.

Our Mission

Our mission as Muslims is to live with a purpose of living as human beings, this means to worship And to live while observing the rule of our creator and remaining within the permitted boundries such as not causing corruption and injustice on the land and thus produce a community that lives in peace and harmony.

To support and actively involve the grassroots communities in sustainable community development for our secure future. Always “Our Community, Our Concern

Our Mission

Get Involved

You can get involved by becoming

  • A member: for those who are interested in joining the society.

  • A Trustee:  for those elected to become the custodians of our society.

  • A Contributor: for those interested in joining our bereavement fund contributory scheme.

  • A Sponsor: for those interested in providing one off or periodical financial support.

  • A Volunteer: for those interested in participating and supporting our charitable activities.

  • A Teacher: for those who have qualifications in dispensing educational duties.

  • A Student of knowledge: for those interested in learning (adults and children).

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