Main Objective

The main objective of this scheme is to provide all the necessary help required in arranging and supporting the remaining family members and relatives and making sure that the deceased body will be taken care of according to the correct Islamic principles. 

Other objectives include:

  • To make all necessary funeral arrangements with assistance from deceased family.

  • Full support and help for the deceased family from the time of death up to the point of burial and beyond.

  • Ensuring the body is washed/cleansed, shrouded, the funeral prayer is performed and finally buried according to Islamic procedures.

  • Counselling services before, during and after burial to the family/relatives of the deceased.

  • Funerals to our Muslim brothers and sisters that have left no next of kin and have made no funeral preparation

Al-Iman Society of Northamptonshire

Society of Northamptonshire, Based in Northampton Mosque and Islamic Centre, 72 Clare St, NN1 3JA


Phone: 07961 284919

Registered Charity: 1117020

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